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oh thats wgat happens wen the person who did thu taking part in the posting of the imag that is currently located dIrectly aboove the comment section did not tak time to write a comment that he/she finds appropriate for the current occasion of the postarng of duh picture. So by scientific predictions uf chemical reactions and sodium cells, along with the logic of space and time of dis wondefful world, we can sy\pop'k/c [delete] SAY that exactlly at 3:78 p.m. pacific time, dat a messagee will appear telling the so called viewer that iz you in dis current example and situation that nobody haz commented and that to fulfil dis image's true destiny, that the viewer (which is u) should politely insert a new comment into the web page's data base, allowing other viewrs to see the firzst commenter and that is you right now. u r the commenter. tio;'d[f,v' you wer duh fi iirst commenter. .__. sInceerly, Googgle employeeyee/;e,r,w4mg8up to donate for my mental health so i do not die of non-understandable explanations that are forced to sound, but fail, like a smert aproach to the siduaton that i help u with, go here: http://www.carfailures.com/posts/138708-why-it-say-nobody-comment-yet-be-the-first

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